I'm James, and I make Drums In KC

"I just adopted one of Jim's amazing creations and I am in love! This drum has a heart and soul and it is truly alive. You can tell when an item is handcrafted with love, and with Jim's work, you can tell that the pieces are not only handcrafted with love, but by a person who is truly passionate about it. These drums (and rattles and athames and pieces of jewelry) are his life's work, and he puts his soul in all he does. He doesn't just make these things, he regularly uses them in his daily life and he is sharing his love with them for the world. This is the way all businesses should be." -- S.B.


"I am so pleased with my drum. I had a double-sided drum made for Sweat Lodge and played it today for the first time in Lodge. It held up beautifully to the heat and humidity and kept a beautiful tone. I can't say enough about my experience with Soul Sounds or the quality of my drum. Thank you! 🙏" -- T.B.


"After hearing several others brag about their drums made by James, my husband and I decided to order our own. They exceed expectations. They are beautiful and high quality with an amazing sound!" -- C.D.