"As a shaman, the drum is a very important tool for my healing sessions...my drum that James made is awesome." -- C.B.S.

Healing works best when the Body, Mind and Spirit are all incorporated.  Energetic or spiritual healings are not intended to replace conventional medical or psychological treatments but they can be beneficial for some people when coupled with these modalities.  I make no claims or guarantees as to the benefits of energetic work.  

These sessions are entered into by the client with the understanding that this is for entertainment purposes only and any benefit they may or may not experience is simply a by product of the session.

I offer chakra clearing and balancing, cord removal and energy recall through distance energetic work.  I also offer this in person as well as deeper Soul work through the use of rattles and drum.  Much of my in-person work is sound based.  Please see my Event section for a schedule of what towns I will be in if you desire in-person work.  Otherwise, contact me through the Contact form and I will get in touch to set up a brief consultation call.  If I agree to work with you, I will inform you of pricing and invoice through PayPal.