"My family, friends and I all have drums that came from James. I recommend him and the quality of his work 100%. He does a remarkable job and his knowledge is fascinating. The talent, the knowledge that comes from James is truly special." -- J.F.

James was called to make his first drum in 2015.  It was a crude looking thing with a beautiful voice.  That drum guided him to make the next one and so on and on.  All he knows about drum making or playing has been given to him by the Drum.  All his drums are made in a sacred way, often coinciding with celestial events such as new or full moons, equinoxes and solstices.  Drums really are as unique and individual as people.  When a drum finds its person it's absolutely beautiful.

The rattles are also crafted with the intention of becoming healing instruments.  They are filled with natural materials and all have slightly different sounds.